The Guava Benefit – (Psidium guajava)

As a young Kampong boy, way in the 70′s, I used to climb this particular Guava ( Malays call it Jambu Batu) tree behind my house. It served as a playground for me, keeping me sheltered from the afternoon sun and provided me with fruits that were tasty and fresh. Hardy branches, tough trunk (we used to carve our names on the trunk) and aromatic smelling leaves when plucked all give character to this tree that provide many health benefits.

Yes Health benefits!

When I had colic (or any complains I had regarding my stomach) my mother or grandmother will boil the leaves of the Guava tree and make me drink the tea, yes, Guava Herbal Tea. As fresh as it can get, and Organic. The tree grows healthily without the need for artificial fertilizers. (I miss Kampong Life!)
Within an hour, I felt relief. No need to go to the doctors.

Guava had been traditionally used in these conditions:
dysentery (bacterial and amebic)
colic and
infantile rotavirus enteritis.
as a cough suppressant
an analgesic (pain relieve)
febrifuge (reduce fever)
generally for colds, flu & sore throat
The leaves can be chewed to relieve toothache. I used to chew the leaves and apply it onto fresh wounds (after falling from the same tree). The would would heal nicely fast.

Guava has broad spectrum of natural antimicrobial & anti fungal activity, safe to be consumed.
Whenever I travel these days, I will bring with me a sufficient supply of Guava Tea in my medical kit.
recently I had food poisoning during a trip to Malaysia. My treatment? Yes! Guava tea. Just boil hot water, put the sachet in the cup and pour the hot water, sip and enjoy the taste and in an hour or so, I no longer visit the toilet. Had a good sleep as well.

The Guava Tea…… I won’t leave home without it!

Oh Yes! one more thing, if you need fresh Vitamin C, eat the Guava fruit. It contains more vitamin C than oranges.

Osman Ali
Organic Health team.