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My baby had rough and patches of dry skin. He has mild ezcema and frequently he has poor appetite.

After taking Al Manna, I noticed my baby son’s skin condition to have improved (within 5 days of taking Al Manna). Slowly his skin became softer and fairer. His appetite have also gradually improved. Now he is also more active than usual. I just have to observe him more and I can notice all these differences and improvements.

- Rin, Jurong



My father has heart problem and water retention. He also has other exisiting medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. Every month, he is also regularly admitted to the hospital due to different issues.

After taking Al Manna for a couple of months, there is only one difference which my whole family noticed and that is my father no longer need to go to the hospital because of any ailment. He feels much better too and our whole family is happy with the great improvements. Even I have started to take Al Manna for my own healthcare.

- NurFazlieen, JB

My baby was born and shortly after he had intussusception. That was the main concern of my whole family.

I was recommended to give my baby Al Manna and after 4 months of giving my baby drink Al Manna, the first observation I noticed was he was no longer constipated and his bowel movements improved tremendously.

- Siti Kamaliah, Jurong West



I had diabetes, and easily gets short of breathe. Even my friends noticed that I look lethargic and restless.

After taking Al Manna & Tayebat, twice daily my body felt different. I was more energetic, my skin became more lustrous and shiny. My joints felt more comfortable and allow me to move around easily & comfortably. As my occupation as a taxi driver requires me be in my car for long hours, joints relief is a very important issue for me. I also have lesser neck aches or muscle cramps. Basically, even my memory have improved from the past few months.

- Rohman Boyamen, West Coast Road


My name is Noorsiah Saad, I am 57 years old this year. In 2002, I was diagnosed to have diabetes.

I was prescribed by my doctor to take Insulin and metformin. From 2005 till 2011, I chose to discontinue my medication. Over time, my blood sugar level rose until my blood flrow was not normal and healthy. In the event if I was to have any slight wound, it would take a long time for me to recover.

During that period of time, I was admitted to A&E at SGH Hospital because 3 of my right toes changed colour to become darker and black. The doctor indicated that it cannot be saved already and I have no other choice except to amputate. An operation was done to cut away my right leg till 4 inchess below my knee. By then I had to resume taking the doctor’s medication again.

In october 2013, upon the advise of Organic Health Consultant, I took Al Manna & Tayebat daily. Alhamdulillah, I am now feeling more refreshed and much healthier. I prayed and give thanks while taking Air Zam Zam as well. I feel much more happier as my body feels more healthy.

Now the level of cholesterol have decreased from 6 to 4.24 and blood sugar level is also down from 14 to 12. I was also told by my doctor that my kidney strength have shown some improvements from 32 to 28.

- Puan Noorsiah Saad, 57 years old


I am now in my second trimester of my second pregnancy. After receiving my first medical report from my doctor one month back.

My gynae is very amazed with my good result. My blood test, sugar level test and urine test all shows normal and healthy.

It was better as compared to my first pregnancy test results. I have mild thalassemia which is hereditary from my family. During my first pregnancy, my blood pressure shoots up during my last trimester, blood pressure test will be done in my next check-up next month and will be observing the result.

The only difference which I have been practising ever since the past few months was the taking  Tayebat daily. Apart from that, I have not been taking any other extra supplements, I believe that Tayebat may have help in the process of my current pregnancy.

- Mdm Norhairani, 23 years old