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Recently Singapore has had a steep rise in dengue cases. Some hotspots include Hougang and Ang Mo Kio.
Its no surprise as the weather has been favourable to this out break with intermittent rain and shine.

A friend was diagnosed with dengue very recently too. 2 weeks earlier his first son suffered the same infection caused by the aedes mosquito.
The fever was painful. Body temperature can hit beyond 40 deg C, fatigue, lost of appetite, weakness not to mention the aches and pains the whole body.
Dengue will always affect the blood platelet count. This is dangerous as a very low blood platelet count will affect natural blot clotting ability to prevent unnecessary bleeding.

When a patient reached a certain critical level, he/she has to be warded in Hospital and monitored closely to prevent fatality.

My friend’s son’s platelet count reached a low of 56. That’s very close to the critical level. As a reference a normal Platelet count should be between 150-400.

I recommended him to take Gum Arabic daily and see what happens. Tayebat and Al Manna are trade names for Gum arabic made by DarSavanna Company in Sudan.They are a combination of Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal, plants that produce the gum arabic naturally. His son started taking Tayebat in the morning and Al Manna in the evening and miraculously his platelet count bounced back from 56 to 70 and 133 in just 2 days. Boy were they relieved. His son was on his way to full recovery.


Unfortunately my friend contracted the infection a the same time and was diagnosed with dengue by Changi General Hospital. His platelet count steadily dropped from 234-184-85- then bounced back to 128 and 251 all within a week. He started taking Tayebat and Manna just before being diagnosed and continue taking them till today. He was very pleased with his recovery which is considered very fast for a dengue case.


Here is the excerpts of his post in facebook:

“I like to thank my dear pal, Mr Obaman Alee for introducing me these awesome products to combat the dengue virus. My son was stricken with the virus and his blood platelets count went down to 56 [critical]. We gave him Tayebat & Al Manna [1 glass in the morning & 1 glass in the evening ] and his blood count went up to 70 & 133 after 2 days. Normal blood count should be between 140-430. He has fully recovered now. As for me, when I was stricken with dengue fever, I drank those products and my blood counts were 234-184-85-128 & today, 251. Doc said that I’m on my way to recovery . I’m really grateful to Allah and all the prayers/ well wishes, from my families & friends. Apparently , Tayebat & Al Manna are great for other chronic illnesses too. I’ve purchased them for my dad and my brother-in-law. Insyaallah, with Allah’s grace, they will feel better. There are many links about Tayebat & Al Manna and I think I should share the benefits with all of you. I got mine from /  [ awesome service !] Take care!!”

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Tayebat & Manna for Dengue

This is the 3rd case of dengue victims who took Tayebat & Al Manna within 4 months this year, 2014. All 3 recovered fast with their platelet count bouncing back to healthy levels almost immediately.


We are happy that Tayebat & Al Manna has helped many people with chronic illness to control & heal their conditions and we would like to encourage many others to make Tayebat & Al Manna as daily food to maintain their health and reduce any risks of falling sick and prevent from developing chronic illnesses.

Tayebat & Al Manna are Gum Arabic naturally found in Sudan. Gum arabic contains up to 87% of Natural Prebiotic that is food for the good Bacteria (Probiotic) in our gut. It has been shown with good balance of Probiotics in our gut, our health improved and some cases have shown gum arabic helps heal eczema cases, alleviate asthma symptoms, lowers blood pressure and many more.

For more information browse our website or call 6883 9585.