Exploding watermelons or Organic foods?

Food additives, genetically modified foods, exploding watermelons, what else? As if pollution and chemical leaks are not causing enough damage, now even the food we are eating are in danger of exploding in our faces like landmines.

Watermelon Explodes

To make extra money, farmers sprayed forchlorfenuron, a growth accelerator, during overly wet season which made the melon burst. Telltale signs being that of fibrous misshapen fruit, with mostly white instead of black seeds. (China Central Television, CCTV) 
Even without these telltale signs, we all know that to cater to the worldwide growing demand for food, most foods nowadays are produced using Genetically Modified seeds, injected / sprayed with growth accelerators.
What about Organic foods? 
There are various Organic Certification Bodies internationally, with new certification bodies coming up year by year. More commonly seen certification bodies include USDA, Ecovert, BIO and many more. Although there are some slight variations in criteria for the certification, there is one underlying similarity.Organic products must not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
That means, no artificial chemicals like forchlorfenuron or any other legal or illegal growth accelerator, in your food. No risking what you put into your mouth everyday.
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Eat in peace. No more exploding fruits. Who promised? We promised.
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