Organic Health Pte Ltd is in the business of promoting Healthy Living through Natural & Organic Food and Health Supplements. We believe the human body is able to heal itself when given the correct natural & healing foods. While there are many varieties of foods for health, we focus on Gut Health and natural anti-oxidants rich foods and supplements.


Al Manna Prebiotic Centre Singapore was set up to share the goodness and importance of prebiotic and gum arabic in human health and wellbeing. We want to create a platform for information exchange with the general public in Singapore in the area of natural healthcare. We are linked to panels of practitioners who will be sharing knowledge, information and answering queries related to the topic of chronic illness and healthcare, the natural way.

We seek to bridge the gap between the public and the medical practitioners in this industry. Through this one channel, we welcome anyone who have or know of anyone suffering from a chronic illness to partake in the discussions in our social media pages.


Career With Us

Do you have the passion to work in the health industry. Do you possess the motivation and drive, interacts with people easily. Do you also value responsibility as one of your principle at work? Knowing when to be decisive when it comes to work.

At Organic Health, we are customer and people oriented.  This means we infuse into our lifestyle the habit of serving our customers to ensure them the best experience ever. Even with our staff, we strive to ensure that their stay with us will be the best ever.

If  you feel that this position is for you in Organic Health, send us an email along with your resume or you can also contact us for more information.
Contact Number: 9777 2356, Recruitment Representative, Ms Linda. (Office hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm only)